018 Metaphorical Magician: Billy Moreno

Everything we do with language and communication is all metaphors. It’s all somewhat ambiguous and it’s all alive in the moment, after that it’s a different thing; before that it’s a different thing.

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That’s Billy, a.k.a.  _Bill_Nice_.   Rapper, Game Designer, imperfectionist, incorrigible wordsmith, and long time husband of our producer. Billy chatted about the wondrous opportunity of personal vocabularies, meditation, his methods for world class deck building and stage fright.

Billy’s music is open for interpretation at https://soundcloud.com/billy-moreno.

Find an open mic night near you and go stretch your legs.


008 After-hours Creator: Jon Chambers

You have the part of yourself that goes to work and is a parent and is functioning in the world and then you have something else that is much more intelligent than that and is bigger than that and it can help you piece things together.

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That’s Jon. Drummer, dad, distresser of doors, and assembler of beats. Musically, he goes by Flameburger Jonesies, but if you want to dabble in real estate with the man behind the mix, look up Jon Chambers at Realty Austin.  Jon joined us to chat about parenting, inspiration, collaborating, his art process of choice, and your word of the day, “palimpsest.”  Definitions and more coming right up in this week’s episode.

Do you make art out of everyday objects in your house?  Are there repetitive themes in your art?  Chat us up on Instagram or Twitter via the hashtag #chattycrafties

002 Chopped up Amateur: Cole

Something that you see a lot in history is people that have been able to make changes in certain fields, people that had no business doing that…

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That’s Cole.  You may know him as Purple Bastard – his musical alter ego.  If you’re like us, you know him as drama department royalty from back in the 90’s, when we all met in high school.  These days, Cole’s a family man, substitute teacher, and a keeper of a formidable beard.  He stopped by to chat about writing comedy, slicing and dicing sound, and drop some his heady, slowed down grooves on us.

Purple Bastard performs at Leon’s Lounge in mid-town Houston on the 3rd Thursday of every month for Vibes.  You might have caught his bi-monthly hip hop event called Turnin’ Headz.

The song we heard during the Episode was H Up off of Purple Bastard,’s 2018 release, FA’LEAL.  The song during the outro was Astral, off of Beat Cinema, also put out in 2018.

Have you performed or gone to Vibes or Turnin’ Headz?  What did you think of the show?  Tell us in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram by using #chattycrafties.

To learn more about him, check out some of his press:

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You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter