006 Enthusiastic Geppetto: Randi

Think about how challenging it is to capture what someone fell in love with 30 years ago, and you’ve got to re-create that. When we do these designs like that, it takes several months of revisions.


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That’s Randi. In high school, she kept the stage well-lit, sounds on cue, and props in our hands. And even then, she was a taste-maker, inspiring my personal interests in Gucci perfume and piercings–one which my dentist sharply disagreed with. Today, she’s a savvy marketer, turbo mom, and purveyor of fine sex dolls.  Randi gave us a look at the delicate business of designing custom bodies for scholarly pursuits–and for pleasure. *NSFW*

After her podcast interview, Randi created the @enthusiastic_geppetto instagram account to show the fascinating behind-the-scenes look of working at @RealLoveSexDolls.

Have you ever seen a sex doll in person?  Did you have the same reaction we did – apprehension then fascination?  They’re basically a giant stress doll.  Let us know in the comments or write us on Instagram or Twitter using #chattycrafties!


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